NHEC Update 3/16/17 at 5:58 pm

Tree and line crews today have managed to cut their way into some areas of Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro that had been inaccessible due to extensive tree damage following Winter Storm Stella. What they found has caused us to push back estimated restoration times for some areas.

The area of most concern is Route 109 and roads off it from the junction of Route 25 in Moultonborough to Melvin Village. Storm damage along this stretch of road and the surrounding neighborhoods is significant. In just a small portion of the Suissevale development alone, crews counted four broken main line poles and extensive tree damage. Similar levels of damage are being reported along the entire length of Route 109 and the roads that lead off it. As a result, NHEC is adapting a two-prong strategy that focuses on restoring power to sections of the main line on Route 109, while replacing poles and restringing wire on side roads so that side taps can be energized when the main line is ready to receive power.


* By tonight, a section of the main line on Route 109 is expected to be energized from the junction of Route 25 in Moultonborough to Ossipee Mountain Road. We expect full restoration of the line by Saturday evening.

* In the Suissevale development, crews have been cutting their way into various portions of the complex. There is extensive tree damage that will be the focus of work tomorrow by crews. We expect to have the main feed into Suissevale restored by Saturday night, with full restoration of the development by Sunday night.

* The Balmoral development also received significant damage, but not as severe as Suissevale. We expect full restoration of Balmoral by Saturday night.

* Ossipee Mountain Road to Sandwich (East Sandwich, North Sandwich): many side taps off Ossipee Mountain Road have suffered tree damage. We will continue to work this area tomorrow and expect to have power restored up to Foss Flats Road by Saturday afternoon.

* Tuftonboro - 19 Mile Bay to Melvin Village: expect restoration of the main line tonight, with possibility of undamaged side taps as well.

Our next update will be Friday mid-morning, when we hope to update you on the crews' progress tonight and adjust any restoration times accordingly.