How are we going to get winter sand now?

There will be a fresh pile maintained outside the gate for residents to pick up sand for their home use.

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1. How do I report a missing road sign or other road signage i.e. Stop sign, Speed Limit sign or roadway layout notification sign?
2. Does the Highway Department plow and sand private roads?
3. Can I get sand for my private driveway?
4. How do I report a pot hole or road surface condition which is in need of repair?
5. What if I find a road hazard / emergency i.e. tree down, lane obstruction by debris or snow drift or slippery road conditions?
6. Can I get wood chips from the stockpile at the highway facility?
7. Does the highway department plow private driveways?
8. How do I get a driveway permit?
9. What is the procedure to excavate within the Town’s roadway right-of-way?
10. Why is there a gate closing the Highway Garage?
11. What types of risks are there?
12. How are we going to get winter sand now?
13. Can we still get wood chips now that there is a gate?
14. Can we get gravel for our driveways or roads?