Responsibilities of the Health Officer

The health officer is appointed by the State Department of Health and Human Service for a three year term, at the recommendation of the selectmen, and has a limited role in what he or she is allowed to enforce.

Responsibilities of the Health Officer:

  1. Testing of Town of Moultonborough owned public water systems.
  2. Inspection of rental housing to the State of New Hampshire minimum standards as listed below. These inspections are done by written complaint only.
  • Infestation of insects or rodents
  • Defective plumbing
  • Faulty septic systems
  • Exposed wiring
  • Roof or wall leaks
  • Falling plaster or sheetrock
  • Substantial holes in floor or ceiling
  • Structurally sound decks, porches, stairs and rails
  • Accumulation of garbage that is the responsibility of the landlord
  • Potable water
  • Hot water
  • Leaks in gas lines or faulty pilot lights in appliances furnished by the landlord
  • Heating systems that are properly installed, maintained and able to heat habitable rooms to 65 degrees F
  • Please note that when inspecting rental housing we cannot make a landlord repair the item we can only declare that the unit or house can not be rented. In this instance the renter would need to move out (perhaps immediately).

     3. Pre-inspection of septic designs before they are submitted to the state and inspection of existing systems that may be in failure.
     4. Child Care / Foster Care home inspections done on a three year inspection cycle for the state licensing board.

There are several other duties that are undertaken by the Health Officer at the request of the Department of Health and Human Services these include, but are not limited to, lead inspections, smoking complaints, mosquito borne illnesses, emergency response and communicable diseases.