Conservation Commission

Vision: The Town of Moultonborough has abundant natural resources that benefit its residents and visitors.  The Moultonborough Conservation Commission partners with Town departments and local and state organizations to preserve them.

Mission & Goals: The Conservation Commission, an appointed, volunteer body, works for the proper utilization and protection of the natural resources and for the protection of watershed resources in the Town of Moultonborough.

Objective: To provide a focal point within Town government for environmental concerns.

Responsibilities: The Conservation Commission:  

  • Reviews site plans, wetland applications, in accordance with the State and local ordinances and regulations;
  • Identifies and protects high priority wildlife habitats;
  • Establishes easements and purchases property to protect water quality, wildlife habitats, recreational areas;
  • Monitors conserved areas;
  • Advises Town boards and committees on conservation matters;
  • Coordinates with local and state agencies and organizations to protect natural resources and watershed resources;
  • Educates the Town's residents and visitors about the value of their natural resources;
  • Maintains records of meetings;
  • Maintains a Natural Resources Inventory;
  • Conducts research into its local land and water areas.

Board Members

Name Title
Marie Samaha Chair (03/2021)
Bill Gassman Regular Member (03/2019)
Jim Nelson Regular Member (03/2021)
Robert Patenaude Regular Member (03/2019)
Brian Sanford Secretary (03/2021)
Sandra Kelly Planning Board Rep
John Oliver Alternate (03/2021)