Safe Routes to Schools Committee

The Board of Selectmen discharged this committee on February 18, 2010 with the thanks of a grateful community.  

Mission Statement

This purpose of this committee was an initiative to improve the health of our children, reduce car emissions and the use of fuel, and increase the viability of our communities through an active streetscape.  Our children’s health is improved through their exercise in walking and/or cycling and they bring that practice into their adult life.  Our school yards see fewer cars and the exhaust from them as they idle in the driveways.  Our streets seem more active and alive with the added foot and cycling traffic.

With the help of a $5,000 planning grant from the NH Department of Transportation and the assistance of the Lakes Region Planning Commission, the Town of Moultonborough undertook a study to determine the barriers to encouraging more students to walk and bike to school. With that knowledge we developed a plan to improve the built environment, (sidewalks and crosswalks), signage, and enforcement to create an environment where parents are comfortable in encouraging walking and cycling.

This effort was supportive of the Route 25 Corridor Study which says that

  • (Two) areas of concern were….. Blake Road to Old NH Route 109 and
  • “It is important that a pedestrian circulation / sidewalk master plan, including bicycle facilities and priority enhanced crosswalk locations, be considered for these village activity centers.”

As well as the Town’s Master Plan (TMP) which says we should:

  • “Identify and adopt best mechanisms to encourage pedestrian activity…” (TMP pg 11)

And set as a goal actions to…

  • “Enhance existing and create new pedestrian connections in and adjacent to the Village area.” (TMP pg 13)