Village Vision Sub-Committee

The Board of Selectmen discharged this committee on August 6, 2015 with the thanks of a grateful community.  

Mission Statement

The Village Vision Committee shall undertake an open process to review and assess the many plans, reports and opinions related to the future of the area generally known as "The Village" as generally identified in the Town's Zoning Ordinance and prepare a report to advise the community as to what - if any - actions should be taken in a plan of action outlined therein for endorsement by the community that contains the following:  Sets forth a boundary description of, guiding principles of the effort and a vision for the future of the Village; and further identifies barriers and opportunities for achieving the Vision, establishes goals to be achieved, and lays out a strategy to achieve those goals.

Board Members

Name Title
Ken Bickford Chair (Citizen-at-Large)
Chris Shipp Board of Selectmen Representative
Bruce Worthen Heritage Commission Representative
Richard Murphy Village Property Owner
Stephen Holden Village Business Owner
Joanne Coppinger Citizen-at-Large
Josh Bartlett Planning Board Representative
Beverly Nelson Alternate Citizen-at-Large
Al Hume Alternate Citizen-at-Large