2019 Moultonborough Tax Rate Set

The new Moultonborough Tax Rate has been set at $7.15 per thousand dollars of valuation and tax bills will be mailed on or about November 22nd.  Payment will be due by December 30th.   This new rate is a $0.57 decrease from the 2018 rate of $7.72 per thousand with the Town’s overall values increasing roughly 9.5% over the previous year.  This is the fourth year in a row that the rate has dropped.  In 2018 the rate decreased by $.50.

At its meeting of November 7th, the Select Board agreed not to apply any of the Town’s fund balance to the overall impact of the decrease as over $1.6 million was approved for use at the 2019 annual Town Meeting.  The new rate, with a minor variance for rounding, breaks down as $1.96 for the state education tax, which is down about .14¢, $1.91 per thousand for local schools, which is down 4¢, $1.10 for the county tax, which is down 13¢, and $2.18 for the Town tax which is down .26¢.  The Town’s assessed valuation increased approximately $285,000,000 to $3,377,534,612 including utilities.

Joel Mudgett, Chair of the Moultonborough SelectBoard said, “The Select Board members are pleased with the reduction in the overall 2019 tax rate which will help offset some of the increases in the 2019 assessed values in taxpayers’ tax bills again this year.  Our goal is to continue to provide the quality services our citizens have come to expect while also being good stewards of our modest tax rate.  Prudent management of taxpayers’ dollars by our Department Heads is a key factor to meeting our goal.”

The tax bill mailing will also include the semi-annual newsletter with important information regarding municipal services as well as information on activities of Moultonborough Academy and Central School and other items of note.