Recycling Update

Thank you all for your comments regarding the temporary suspension of recycling at the Transfer Station. I can tell you this is a decision that was not made lightly as the Select Board relied on the Facility Supervisor’s recommendation who they feel is best to assess the situation concerning the safety of the public and the staff especially during the very busy days during the summer. The other factor of concern is the need for very close monitoring of the material being recycled these days. Since China imposed new contamination limitations whereby 95% of the recyclable loads must be clean from food and other contaminates, close supervision is needed to be sure our loads of recyclables are “clean”.  If a small percentage of recyclables are contaminated then the entire load is rejected and all shipped to a landfill at a significant cost to the town. This close monitoring requirement leads to slow lines and longer waiting time during busy days as we just don’t have the additional staff at this time.

We will continue to monitor the situation and when staff recommends we change course and it is safe and manageable to resume taking recyclables again we will do so as soon as possible.