How Can I Pay My Bill?

We are pleased to announce that we now offer additional, online services through the Avitar Tax Collect Internet Kiosk. The kiosk enables taxpayers, banks, real estate services, and mortgage and title companies to view tax information at any time of day without having to contact the Tax Collector. Beginning with the final tax bill of 2014 by selecting an owner, parcel or address you can:

  • Access and print copies of original tax bills for up to 24 months after the original due date of the bill.
  • View a list of all recent invoices, showing type of invoice, due date, bill amount and outstanding due amount.
  • Can change the Interest Date to determine the proper payment amount or payoff figure for a future payment.
  • Can click “Transactions” or “Assessments” links to access additional information about the specific tax bill, including any transactions that have been made on that invoice (such as payments, abatements, or penalties) or the assessment at the time of billing (property taxes only)
  • Can make tax payments with credit cards or electronic checks. Avitar and Invoice Cloud have partnered to provide a seamless integration between the tax kiosk and Cloud Pay.
  • Taxpayers can “opt-in” for paperless billing.

So Where Do I Begin?

Just Click the Link Below, It is That Simple!

How Can I Pay My Tax Bill?

  1. Online payments can be made by credit/debit card or electronic check by clicking the link above. There is a 2.95% convenience fee for credit/debit cards with a $1.95 minimum charge and $0.95 for electronic checks. The fee will be disclosed prior to your authorization to finalize the transaction.
  2. Payments can be mailed to PO Box 152, Moultonborough, NH 03254.
  3. Payments can be placed in the overnight box to the left of the front entry doors at the Municipal Building. Please deposit checks or money orders only – no cash.
  4. Payments can be made in person at the Tax Collector’s Office, 6 Holland Street, Moultonborough, NH. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9 am to 4 pm. We do not accept credit/debit card payments over the counter or over the telephone.

How Do I Sign Up for Paperless Billing?

  1. When you pay online using the above link, prior to submitting the shopping cart for payment, it will ask if you wish to opt-in to receive notice of future tax bill invoices electronically rather than by mail and prompt you to enter a valid email address. An email will be sent to the email address provided to verify that the email address is valid and to confirm you indeed wish to opt-in for future Paperless Notification. You will be enrolled in Paperless Notification for the parcel(s) selected only after you click the Confirm link in the confirmation email. The Tax Collector will then mail you a Paperless Billing Request & Agreement form for your completion, signature and return.
  2. If you prefer not to pay online, you may contact the Tax Collector’s Office by email, mail, telephone or in person and request the Paperless Billing Request & Agreement form for completion, signature and return.

Paperless Billing Request & Agreement Form – Click Here.

What If I Didn’t Get a Tax Bill?

Tax bills are sent to the last known address of the owner(s). If you have moved, it is your responsibility to inform the Assessing Office of the change. If you have purchased your property recently, the Assessing Office may not have received a copy of the recorded deed from the Carroll County Registry of Deeds informing them of the change in ownership. It is your responsibility as the new owner(s) to make sure all taxes are paid.

Change of Address Form – Click Here.

How Often and When Will I Receive a Bill?

Taxes are billed semi-annually. The first issue property tax billed amounts are an estimate only and is due on or after July 1st. It is usually mailed the middle to end of May. The estimated first bill is computed by taking the prior year’s assessed valuation times one-half of the previous year’s tax rate. If the Assessors determine that an individual’s property has physically changed in valuation, they may use the current year’s assessed value times one-half of the previous year’s tax rate to compute the partial payment. Usually in late October or early November, the NH Dept. of Revenue calculates the tax rate. The second and final issue property tax bill is equal to the difference between the total amount of the annual tax as determined by DRA and the first issue bill. The second and final property tax bill is usually mailed by the end of November.

Is There a Penalty for Paying My Taxes After the Due Date?

Yes! As required by NH State Law (RSA 76:13), interest is charged at a rate of 8% per annum after the due date stated on the tax bill. Previous year’s property taxes that remain unpaid become subject to the Tax Lien Process and are subject to costs and fees for notice and execution of the tax lien pursuant to NH RSA 80. Upon execution of the lien, interest accrues at a rate of 14% per annum.

Can My Tax Information Be Suppressed?

Yes! To have your billing data suppressed from the Moultonborough, NH Online Tax Kiosk you must complete the Suppression Request form. You may the form in the Tax Collector’s Office or by calling, emailing, or mailing your request. This Suppression Request must be in writing and submitted in person, by fax, by mail or email. The request form must be signed by ALL property owners, ALL Trustees if a Trust, or ALL authorized corporate officers if a corporation. Once the completed, fully signed Request form is received and verified by the Tax Collector’s Office personnel, the data will be suppressed. Please understand that all of your billing data remains a public record and is available at the Tax Collector’s Office and can be obtained either in person, by telephone, fax, email or mail.

Online Billing Data Suppression Request form - Click here.