I just moved in from out-of-state/town. Could you tell me how to register my car?

If you are a new resident to the state you must obtain a New Hampshire Drivers license and Automobile Registration (plates) within 60 days of moving into the State. (NH RSA 261:45 & NH RSA 263:35)

You will begin the registration process at the Town Clerk’s office. It is required that you bring in proof of identification (driver’s license) and two (2) proofs of residency such as a piece of post-marked mail, current utility bill, closing statement on a purchased home, payroll check, etc. You will also need to bring your out-of-state title to the Town Clerk's office where your New Hampshire title application and registration forms will be prepared. At the Town Clerk's office, you will pay a motor vehicle permit fee based on the original price of the vehicle. A state registration fee based on the weight of the vehicle will be paid, at which time you will receive your plates.

There are two exceptions to the above procedure:

  1. If your title is being held by a lienholder, bring your current registration to the Town Clerk's office along with the current mileage of the vehicle and the exact name and address of the lienholder and seller. A title application will be prepared by the Town Clerk's office, which you will forward to the New Hampshire Title Bureau. The Title Bureau will swap a New Hampshire Title for the foreign state title with your lienholder. You will not be able to register your vehicle until you receive a letter from the Title Bureau informing you that the title swap has occurred. An exception to this transaction is made when your current registration and/or your automobile insurance will expire within 20 days of the day you come into the office. A sixty-day registration can be issued in this circumstance, giving the State of New Hampshire time to obtain the foreign title from your lienholder.
  2. Vehicles from year 2000 and newer are titled in New Hampshire: therefore, if you are a new resident to the state, you will need to bring the out-of-state title OR the current registration along with a completed Verification of Vehicle ID Number Form 19A (available online or at the Town Clerk’s office) to obtain a New Hampshire registration. If you are moving from another New Hampshire town, you will need a copy of the previous NH registration (current or expired) the title (or copy) OR a completed Verification of Vehicle ID Number Form 19A (available online or at the Town Clerk’s office).