Motor Vehicle Registration Renewals & Estimates

New Purchase:

If you recently purchased your vehicle, you will need to present a certificate of origin, a title or title application prepared by a NH dealer for the year vehicle 2000 and newer.

Vehicles year 2000 and newer require titles.  Vehicles 1999 and older, a bill of sale is required along with a previously issued current or expired New Hampshire registration, a valid New Hampshire or out-of-state title (or copy), OR a completed Verification of Vehicle ID Number Form 19A (available online or at the Town Clerk’s office). Both the NH or out-of-state title must have completed transfer of ownership on the back along with a bill of sale. If you wish to transfer your current NH license plates you must present your existing registration so that a determination as to whether or not the plates are transferable can be made.

With all transactions you will need to show proof of residency and/or proof of identification.


Click here to renew the registration on your motor vehicle.

If your vehicle was previously registered in Moultonborough, you will be mailed a renewal reminder notice at the end of the month prior to your renewal month. You are able to renew in person, by mail or use the new E-Reg link to renew your registration online.

Registrations Done At The State Level:

Snowmobiles and off-road recreational vehicles are NOT registered at the Town Clerk's office. You will need to contact the state at 227-4030 or an authorized agent (usually dealers for these type of vehicles) for information regarding these types of registrations.

New Mopeds are done at the STATE DMV Office.  Renewals can be done at the Town Clerks Office at Town Hall.

Driver's Licenses:

For further information, please call the Licensing Division in Concord at (603) 271-2371 or click here.

Vanity Plates:

In order to obtain vanity plate's you must first start the process at the Town Clerk's Office.  You will pay the town fee and take your permit paperwork and an application for the vanity plate to finish the process at one of the state substations or Concord.  You can print an application for the vanity plate by clicking here

One Check for Motor Vehicle Registrations:

On April 1, 2015 the Town Clerks Office will require only One check for Motor Vehicle registrations. Prior to April you would have to make 1- check out to the Town and 1- check out to the State. Now the state and town fees are added together and you make out one check to the Town of Moultonborough. This will be especially helpful for the boat registrations which are now being registered in the Town Clerks office as well. When you register your boat in Moultonborough the town retains the fee. If you mail it to the state, the state keeps their fee as well as the town’s fee. If you are interested in registering your boat please click here for more information of call our office at 603-476-2347.