Transfer Station

How to purchase a Transfer Station Permit.
You can purchase Transfer Station Permits at Town Hall, at the Transfer Station or by mail.  To purchase these permits through the mail, please click here.

** Each vechicle entering the Transfer Station needs to have it's own sticker - the sticker is not transferable between vehicles.
Permits are $20.00 each.

We accept Cash or Checks ONLY!

NRRA Environmental Impact Report 2020 :  highlights some of the many positive impacts generated from your recycling efforts in 2020.  

Important Reminders:

  • Compost is available
  • Fluorescent Bulbs, Mercury containing devices, Rechargeable Batteries, Cell Phones, and Ink Cartriges must be given to an attendant inside the building

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ken Filpula Supervisor 603-476-8800
Vacant Position Facilities Attendant 603-476-8800
Bruce Purinton Facilities Attendant 603-476-8800
James Nave Facilities Attendant 603-476-8800
Trevar Colby Facilities Attendant P/T 603-476-8800