UNH Feasibility Study Committee

Mission Statement:

For some time now the Town of Moultonborough has been considering what its need is – if any – for additional indoor recreation facilities. Most recently, its Blue Ribbon Commission on Community Services and Facilities (BRC) recommended that the Town should “… pursue development of a facility that includes an indoor gymnasium, Recreation Department office, program and storage space that would be on existing school land or property adjacent to school facilities.” That site study is now underway with CMK Architects P.A. of Concord. All of this work is online on the page of the BRC Facility Site Study.

This effort is a third party independent review of the need and potential costs by the University of New Hampshire’s Dept. of Recreation Management and Policy. You may find the full Scope of Work here. A team of elected and appointed officials and Town staff has been assembled to provide direct local input and oversight of the UNH work.

The team meetings will be posted on the calendar for the general public should they wish to observe. While the team is not considered to be a “public body” under RSA 91-A it has been deemed to be in the best interest of the public trust to so post it. Questions from the public will be addressed by the Team leader if time allows and if it is about a matter of fact (i.e. survey methods, questions, and the like, etc.) and not a debating point of policy.

We hope you will follow this process and participate in its many survey, stakeholder, and Town-Wide Meeting forums.

Board Members

Name Title
Donna Kuethe Member (Recreation Director)
Al Hume Member (Recreation Advisory Board)
Celeste Burns Member (School Board)
Susan Noyes Member (School Superintendent)